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Michael was a simple man in my eyes. He didn’t like to complicate things and just wanted to go with the flow. .


Michael was so talented and patient when it came to fixing electronics and mechanics. He would selflessly fix (sometimes rebuilding our outboard motor) so his siblings could enjoy the boat during the summer


Michael wanted out of life anything he could work hard to obtain. He appreciated what he had been afforded as a child and his upbringing, wanted to give back as much possible.


A Brilliant thoughtful mind eager to learn more each day and share his new knowledge with others. Completed B.S. in 3 years at RPI and was getting his MD and MBA

Team Mate

An excellent athlete and great to play with on the field or through any challenging times.


The Brother of 4 others who shared wonderful times with him

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The Brother of 4 others who shared wonderful times with him. Athlete, Intellectual, Mechanical, Poetic, Musician who had a love for life.

Michael was the ultimate well rounded personality.

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32 Year old at the time of the tragic event. Michael is survived by his Sister and 3 other brothers.

As you can see he was a tall handsome outgoing young man with great aspirations for the future. All this despite never fearing death. 

Michael was  32 years old, full of life and very pleasant to be around. He grew up in West Islip, was an avid boater, fisher, musician, lacrosse player. He went on to study at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he studied MIS and Business.

He later Matriculated at Windsor University School of Medicine where he completed his coursework and clinical rotations in Chicago Illinois.

He was eager to begin residency training.

Although Michael had a bachelor of science in Magnement Information Systems at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, He completed all the necessary coursework to matriculate in Medical School. He had a passion for helping people and as many of you who know Michael, he was a people person. Michael was planning on a career in medicine geared towards helping those individuals suffering from addiction. He was motivated to help them understand their disease, encourage them to enter into recovery and help turn their lives around to live a long and healthy prosperous life.

First He was a Brother

A wonderful and caring brother to his Sister and other brothers young and older.

Michael had Found God

Michael had found peace with himself through reading the scriptures and attending Church on a daily Basis.

A Mind filled with great thoughts.

One of Michael’s ways of dealing with everyday life stress’s was to attend Mass, read and write. He has written a book which will at some point be released.

An Ear for Sound

Michael was very talented. He never read music but would play and memorize based on the sound and rhythm he generated. You can listen to some of his original written songs on his Youtube account.

Hands of Magic that could learn how to fix the things that others were just not inclined or patient enough to learn

Michael could fix everything and anything from dishwashers, ovens, stoves, cars, boat engines and more.

He set goals and achieved them

Perhaps one of the most respected human qualities is perseverance and determination. Michael had both of these.

Michael loved animals.

He loved everything from fish to cats and birds. My wife and I are the proud owners of at least 4 of his cats. You can learn more about his cats at catelysium.com

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Michael's life has taught me many things about life and living in general.